Covenant Family

We are sons of the prophets, and of the covenant
that God made with our fathers, saying to Abraham,
'In your seed, all the families of the earth shall be blessed.'

Covenant Foundations for Covenant Institutions

6-Part Series on The Bible.

Discovering John's Gospel

5-Part Series on John.

Galatians: Paul's First Apostolic Letter

3-Part Series on Galatians.

Worthy is the Lamb!

1-Part Series on Revelation 4-5.

Paul's First Apostolic Mission

6-Part Series on Acts 13-14.

Men Filled With The Holy Spirit

8-Part Series on Acts 6-12.

Powerfully UNIQUE

6-Part Series on Church Distinctives.

Bible Studies in Romans

5-Part Series on Romans 1-3.

The First Apostolic Church

6-Part Series on Acts 1-4.

A Biblical Birthday

3-Part Series on Mark 6:7-29.

Malachi's Covenant Manifesto

9-Part Series on Malachi 1-4.

Jonah's Great Commission

4-Part Series on Jonah 1-4.